Glass is an amazing material that has been utilized by man for thousands of years, and yet shows no sign of being exhausted in its possibilities or its surprises. This is especially so for the artist who lives for the sake of surprises that come from there creativity. There are many ways to work with glass, whether hot or cold.

“Lampworking” is the common name for manipulating glass rods and tubing in a flame. It describes a general technique that style has limitless possibilities. Glass is so versatile that no mater what you imagine can be achieved if you have the inclination and PATIENCE to create it.

Better Through Glass Studio is a fully equipt and licensed lamp working studio

02 04 2010 As of the beginning of February BTG Studio.com will be launching it's Brand New Web Store!


02 04 2009 BTGStudio closes doors for R&D Till June 09.

02 04 2008 As of the beginning of February we will also have bench/torch times to rent.

01 25 2008 We offer beginner, intermediate and, advanceed lesions in a privet studio fucility.

Better Through Glass Studio